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Chat with documents
One of the coolest abilities of AI is it's ability to read and understand a lot of information at once. Meaning it's really good at looking through an entire document or file of text and finding the information you're looking for.
Some things you can do by using your AI chat bots to talk with documents are:
  • Summarizing files
  • Asking questions about information in a PDF
  • Using the document as a data source

How to attach files to chats

First make sure you're file is the correct format. As of now Unbound supports
  • PDFs
  • XLS / Excel
  • TXT
Almost anything can be exported into one of these formats. If you need help please send a message in Discord and one of team or community members will be happy to assist!
To attach your file just open a chat and you'll see a file icon in the bottom right of the input bar at the bottom of the chat screen. Click this icon and you'll be prompted to upload a File.
Uploading your first file may fail on the first try, so if it does try a couple times. Going forward uploading a file will work seamlessly every time.
Here's an example of what your input will look like after attaching a PDF.
Unbound lets you use AI to chat with any PDF or document
Now that we attached our file let's use our chat to ask it some questions. Here are some things you could ask it:
Use this file to to come up with a brand strategy
Summarize this article
Rephrase the information in this file
How do you perform a particular function in this API
Instead of reading the entire document yourself, you now have a super powered assistant who can understand and use the file as knowledge in seconds.
Here's a full example of attaching a PDF to a chat to answer a question:
Alright now that we know how to attach a file, let's see how we can connect the live internet to our chat.