Product photos

Generate backgrounds for product photos

Quick tips:

  • Add the object name in your prompt. For example "sunglasses set on a table in the forest" or "supplement bag set on a gym floor"

  • Resize and place your object in the scene to a realistic size

  • Add style words like "natural lighting", "canon lens", "realistic", etc to refine your image

Generateing your first AI product photo takes just a few steps.

Step 1 - Upload your photo

This is one of the most important parts to creating an awesome product photos.


  • Background already removed, saved as a .png

  • High definition

  • Not too big (under 2500 x 2500 pixels)

Step 2 - Enter a prompt

The prompt is how to tell the AI what you want your product image to look like. It's best to be brief but detailed here while referring to the placement of your product.

Examples of a good prompt:

cosmetic jar set on a marble table in a forest surrounded by majestic forest at dusk

bottle set on a platform with a blue sky in the background

Examples of a bad prompt:

in a photo studio

picture of my product

Step 3 - Generate and edit

Now just press generate and patiently wait for your result!

AI's never perfect and requires some testing to get a result you're looking for.

Try a new prompt or uploading a different starting product image until you get an awesome product photo!

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