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Attaching links

Chat with links and live data from the internet
Most AI models are trained on data only from 2021 and before, so in some scenarios you may not receive updated information from your AI.
One way to fix this is to attach a live link to your AI. You can do this by inputting the link you want to use in your chat and asking the chat about the link.
If you already have a link from a website you want to use, it's easy to attach it to your chat conversation.
First copy your link.
Then go to your chat and click the link icon in the bottom right corner of the chat screen in the input box where you'll be prompted to paste the url.
Attaching a Wikipedia article to AI chat
Remember it's best to be detailed in your questions and to ask follow up questions to help guide your AI in the right direction.
Once your link is attached just ask your AI some questions and it'll use the information in the link to provide the best answer possible.

How to attach the internet to your AI chat

If you don't have a link but still want to use the internet you can attach your chat to Google by entering Google.com in the link input.
Attaching Google to your chat
With your AI now connected to your personal data and able to use file uploads and the Internet, the possibilities of your AI are truly limitless.