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Creating a chat

Build your own AI chat bot
You've likely used an AI chatbot before but you may have noticed that they are extremely general and can't help with specific tasks. Unbound makes it easy for you to create your own collection of AI chats uniquely designed to accomplish any task.
The easiest way to understand the power behind creating your own AI chat is to walk through an example.

Step 1 - Coming up with a concept

A good way to come up with an idea for a chat bot is to think about what tasks you're currently working on. It could be:
  • A new diet to help me gain muscle
  • Learning how to rock climb
  • A brand pitch I can send to clients
  • Writing personal stories for my children
It's best to design separate chats for each task. For example if you're working on a new website you may want a Conversion, SEO, and Copywriting chat bot instead of just one website chat.

Step 2 - Design your chat

Now that you have an idea it's time to build your chat bot.
Go to the create tool page either by clicking the green plus button in the menu bar or the Create chat button in your chats page and select Chat.
Select Chat to start building your chat bot
The next part is where you build your chat.
Start by adding a title, name and avatar.
  • Title: this is what your chat will do. For example: Movie script writer, Psychology professor, Peer programmer, Rocket scientist, Nutritionist.
  • Name: this is how your chat will introduce itself. It can be anything :)
  • Avatar: your chat's avatar will appear alongside each message
Now comes the fun part.
For your chat to know what to do and how to respond it needs some instructions:
Tell your chat about themselves: This tells the chat what their purpose is and how to respond to your messages. It's basically an extension of the title entered earlier but with a lot more detail. Some helpful instructions to include here are what you want it to do, style, response preferences and anyone or anything to take inspiration from.
For example if you're designing a Chef chat, you might enter:
You are an expert chef who recommends top quality recipes and helps me learn how to cook. You provide detailed instructions and always give original yummy recipes with healthy ingredients. Always provide a meal overview, ingredient list and cooking instructions. Take inspiration from Chefs like Gordan Ramsey, Andreas Caminada and Anne-Sophie Pic.
If you're having trouble coming up with this part, your AI will come up with a suggestion based on what you typed so far.
Your AI suggests a prompt for you
Now that we've told our chat to do, let's give it some more details about how to act.
Personalize your chat: this is where you can go crazy or be as minimal as you want. The personality field tells your chat how you want it to act.
We decided to go all out and give our Chef a fun spirited personality:
Prompting our AI chat with a function and personality
Now that our chat knows what it's supposed to do and how to act, all we need now is a quick description.
Here's our complete chat
Our finished chat instructions

Deciding if it's public

You can decide to share your new chat with the community or make it private.
Then press submit.
Your new chat is now ready 🎉

Using your chat

Start by typing a message and sending it for your new chat to respond.
Our chat is ready to go!
Everything's set for you to start chatting. Your chat bot will learn and get better over time so don't be shy.
You can always edit your chat by pressing the edit button in the top right.