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Designing your workspace

Your AI home
Your Unbound is a collection of all your AI tools in one place which remember you. Your AI home is made up of several elements:
  • Chats
  • Prompts
  • Tools
  • History
All of these elements are meant to help you use AI to power your workflow. As you use Unbound more and more your space will start to look more and more unique and different from than another person's Unbound. This is what you want! The more personal your Unbound becomes the more useful it will become to you.
It all begins with creating or finding the tools which work for you.

Your Chats and Prompts

All your created chats and prompts, which we covered in previous sections, will show up in your Chats and Prompts pages respectively at the top.
Your created chats show up at the top
Your created prompts show up at the top too!
Your created chats and prompts are likely the ones you want to come back to most often so they are place at the top for easy access.

Your Recents

On the same pages you can scroll down and see your most recently used chats/prompts.


Once you generate a few things you may want to go back and find something from your history. You can do this by going to your history page and clicking on any of the items.
Quickly go see your history and return back to what you started
(We are actively working on improving the history search/filter experience)

Bringing it all together

When your chats, prompts and history are all used together, it can provide for an extremely powerful experience. Chats are used for back and forth brainstorming, prompts are used to generate something specific and you can go back to previous threads in your history.
Everything working together to empower your day!