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Remembers your overtime

The most personal AI assistant
Because AI is trained on the entire internet the responses it gives can be a bit generic. This is because without your personal preferences and information about you AI doesn't know your style. Instead it will give you a response which is general enough to please anyone which isn't very helpful.
It all starts with you.
Training your AI begins as soon as you sign into Unbound. Your AI will start to learn about you and what you're working on based on the messages you send and generations you create.
The more you tell it the better and more helpful it will become.
Let's see an example 👇
First let's tell a Personal trainer chat what kind of workouts we like:
Telling our personal trainer we like CrossFit
Now let's hop over to our Nutritionist to get a meal plan to support the types of workouts we told the Personal trainer.
First we asked what workouts we prefer to make sure it know, and it nailed it. (We previously mentioned we like other workouts like Yoga).
Every chat learns you overtime
It knows we like CrossFit and weight lifting. So now when we ask for a meal plan it will keep all our personal workout details in mind.
Each chat's results are personally altered to assist you
That was cool! Remember Unbound remembers you across all tools and the more you use Unbound the better it will get.